ZOEVA | Bon Voyage Set Close Ups + Review

ZOEVA | Bon Voyage Set
I have always been intrigued by Zoeva.

Ever since I took a leap of faith and purchased my first Zoeva brush i.e, 106 / POWDER brush, I've been lusting for more.

There was a deal going on, way way back, whereby spending at least $50 would grant you $25 off the entire purchase. 

Which essentially meant that I paid only $30* on this set :D

*This was before Luxola started categorising Zoeva as a non-sale brand. The prices has also since increased.

Having used this set for more than half a year, 
I can confidently share with you my thoughts on this brush set.

This set includes
1 x Large Drawstring Pouch
1 x Case
1 x 125 / STIPPLING brush
1 x 128 / CREAM CHEEK brush
1 x 228 / CREASE brush
1 x 237 / DETAIL SHADER brush


From the picture on the right, you'll find that the uppermost bristles, which are coloured white, are quite sparse. Hence unless, you're one to enjoy extremely light coverage, I would avoid using this with foundations. Tried it and found that I would have rather gone out bare faced. Hahaha. In addition, I find that there will be a lot of wastage if used with liquid foundation. The white bristles are quite long and with it being sparse, most of the liquid foundation would probably end up at the base of it.

Based on the size alone, I found it too big for anything other than applying powder. The size makes it hard for foundation to get to the nooks and crannies of the face and for precise application of blush. However, I found it perfect for setting powder, more specifically, I enjoy using this for applying setting powder that are a little too pressed in the pan. Reason being, whilst soft, the bristles do not splay out/retains its shape when pressed on to a surface, making it easier to grab product. For example, I use this brush for Soap & Glory's Kickass Powder and Les Neiges de Diorsnow by Dior where I find it hard to get product with regular round powder brushes. On the other hand, I would avoid using this on powders that are crumbly/delicate like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I tried it once and made a mess, not to mention a lot of (expensive) powder wastage.


Similar to the 125 / Stippling brush, the 128 / Cream Cheek brush is white at the edges as well to mimic a duo fibre brush. Unlike the former, however, the 128 isn't even close to being as sparse. There is more give to this as compared to the former yet still holds its shape pretty well. 

This is excellent for products meant for a subtle wash of colours. Fair toned ladies, this is your answer to Colourpop's blushes! For my tan/deep ladies, this brush may prove to be a little too sheer for you if you want actual colour to show up. On the other hand, regardless of skin tone, this is great for applying highlighter. Although depending on your face shape, you may need to pinch in the bristles a little to get a more precise application. Well worth it since the finish you get it magic.

I personally love using this with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. As those blushes are supposed to give you a healthy sheen rather than deposit actual colour, this brush works wonderfully with it. As mentioned, this brush does have a little give hence it won't make such a mess when you dip your brush in. It also somehow manages to get the right amount of product applied on the cheek that you'll find it hard to overdo it. Another product I love this brush with is Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping from the Lightness of Being Collection. Although that product is extremely delicate due to the embossing, this brush manages to grab the perfect amount whilst lightly grazing the surface.

228 / CREASE

The slightly pointed tip didn't feel scratchy on my lids which is a plus. It feels soft, fluffy and comfortable but there is one rather big drawback. The brush head is a wee too big for my rather small lid space -_-" So unless I'm going for my regular simple dark brown crease and nude lid, I can't use this brush else it will muddle up everything. Which is a pity since I really do like this brush. I do still use it but I just wish it was smidgen smaller and it'd be perfect for me. Regardless, this is highly recommended, especially for those with larger lid space.


This was the only brush in the set which gave a little problem even before any use. It shed a little during the first wash which was disconcerting considering there ain't that many bristles in this in the first place. Fortunately, that was the only time it shed. Although flat shader brushes are typically awesome for packing on colour onto the lid, the bristles on this one aren't that tightly packed and the whole head is actually quite thin. Hence like the name suggests, this shader brush is more apt for detail work rather than all over the lid, unless you require a sheer wash of colour. The tip is small enough for the inner corner or this can be used for a topper shade at the middle of the lid. I personally wouldn't recommend this for highlighting underneath the browbone specifically as the bristles are too long and flimsy for that. However if you have a smaller lid space like mine, this would be great for a single shade everywhere above the crease.



In general, Zoeva has good quality brushes that are kinder to the pocket (not to say these are cheap). Even though there may be some bumps here and there which I feel varies across the brushes, they are all equally soft. The handles on these brushes are wood but none of them have cracked on me yet (which I can't say the same for other brushes of the same price point). These have held up pretty well considering I have washed them multiple times since I've bought them last November. I'm one who washes her brushes after every use so you can just imagine how many times I've washed them since.

If you've not tried the brand but are ready to upgrade from the random brushes from random stores, pick out one that you feel is missing from your kit to test waters. That's what I did, no regrets.

If you've tried the brand, let me know what you think Zoeva has that others don't. Love to know!

♥ Sheena V


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