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Hi guys! 

I know I have long been away.

Firstly, I had my exams. Then my exams ended and... my laptop charger broke. -_-" 
The replacement part just came in so here I am blogging!

So anyway, I recently gave in to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick hype.

I've avoided it for so long because;
- I tend to be skeptical on products that are overly hyped on social media
- ABH products aren't the easiest to get a hold of (I had trouble ordering mine)
- The shades available from the initial release didn't really toot my horn so... Yeah.

When I saw their Summer Collection however,
 I heard it call my name :O

For today, I'm only touching on the NEW Liquid Lipstick in Craft.

She's a stunner.

I love it so much that I wore it for consecutive days!

It's a deep mauve that I feel is extremely flattering on tan skin tones like mine.
(Did I just compliment myself? Hahahaha.)

It isn't loud but it still makes a statement. And it wears beautifully.
What more could I want right?

Texture: 5/5
Craft has a smooth, creamy consistency on the thicker side without being lumpy. Once the liquid lipstick sets, it has a smooth, non tacky texture on the lips. Smacking of lips does not pull the lipstick apart. 

Application: 5/5
The applicator included is a non-flexible, sponge tip, doe-foot applicator. On me, one dip sufficiently applied one layer, there was no need to go back for more. Despite the liquid being on the thicker side, it spreads out extremely well and is easy to control for precise application. It dries down within 2 minutes .

Pigmentation: 5/5
Considering the fact that I have dark brown lips, one layer is all I needed to get an opaque, even coverage. 

Longevity: 4.5/5
It lasted a whole work day, with meals, without drying my lips out and crumbling. Amazing! Although it does transfer when you blot after a meal, it doesn't affect the opacity on the lips. A little bit of colour does come off, depending on what you eat but for the most part, it stays put. Without eating, it is absolutely transfer proof. How it does that, I'm not entirely sure. Just know that this is awesomeeeeeee.:D

Note: My review is based on only one layer of application, as that was all that I needed. However, I did put on another layer to experiment and I found that it won't dry completely and is not transfer proof, even without eating. You see the edges of the swatch above? You can see that it didn't completely dry despite 10 minutes having passed. Those bits will smudge upon contact. It also gets drying after the second layer. Hope that helps!

Just a little bonus,

here's a lip swatch of Craft topped with Inglot | AMC Eye Pigment in #111

Perfect for Hari Raya, yes?


Although I do need to perfect the application on this lip look. I kinda overdid the glitter and had to cover it with more lipstick and you know what I said about multiple layers heh.
So forgive me if the above was imperfect :B

This shade left such a good impression that I'm contemplating getting the soon to be released shades!

Are you going to pic up any?

On a side note, I'm selling away my BRAND NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn at S$32. No low balling okay guys, factoring in exchange rate and shipping cost to Singapore and you won't get it near as cheap as I'm offering, even if you bought it yourself.

Why am I selling? I realised that the shade wasn't for me. So for my readers in Singapore who want it, either drop me an email or check out my Carousell account here (User: SheenaShares). Even if you're not interested, who knows, you might want something that I don't. :B

Thanks guys!

♥ Sheena V


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