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Mac Is Beauty
Available 24 April (SG)
 Oh hello!

Today's post will just be a short one because I really wanted to publish my swatches of the shades I have despite not being able to test them out fully yet. You know, in case my fellow brown biscuits were wondering which shades would look good ;P

This girl has been cooped up at home studying to be testing lipsticks instead. But that ain't stopping me from shopping online! Nyehehehehe.

"Mac is Beauty" launched, I believe, on March 30 in the United States. Hence home girl here was camped in front of her computer to add these to her cart before the ones she wanted sold out. Nothing new. Heh.

This collection is made up of;
- 16 x Pro Longwear Fluidline
- 4 x Eyeshadow
- 1 x Eye Kohl
- 4 x Cremesheen Glass
- 2 x Beauty Powder
- 3 x Studio Nail Lacquer 
- 3 x Brushes
- 12 x Lipsticks

Of the 12 lipsticks, there was 1 Matte, 3 Amplifieds & 8 Lustres.

Lustres, in my opinion, look unflattering on textured lips. As lustres are very sheer with an uneven distribution in colour, pigment tends to pool up in the cracks and wrinkles on the lips. You'll end up with lines of colour on your lips, which in my opinion, isn't very flattering. So something to take note of if your lips aren't smooth like butter.

Hence I obviously stayed far, far away from the Lustres and stuck with the Matte and Amplifieds.

Even then, I'm not the biggest fan of the Amplified Finish. 

Reason being, Amplifieds in general have a thinner consistency which I don't favour. If you're someone with naturally dark lips, say brown like mine, your natural lip colour will show through. The lighter the shade, the more contrast there is (see Reel Sexy swatch later). So depending on what kind of coverage you are into, you may or may not like this finish.

On with what I picked out;

When first opened each individual tubes, I was like, "Wait, did I buy repeats?!"

At one glance, Diva-ish looked similar to Silly and Make Me Gorgeous to Reel Sexy.

But of course they weren't. Duh.

Once I placed them side by side, the difference was more apparent.

And swatched, they were strangers!

Note: For each shade, left swatch = 1 swipe & right swatch = 3 swipes

Now on to the lip swatches.

Click to enlarge
(Forgive my dehydrated skin)
If you've clicked to enlarge, you will find that Reel Sexy (Amplified) is the least forgiving on my lips as my lip colour and the lipstick shade are like on the opposite ends of the colour spectrum.

In addition, out of the 3 Amplified, I found Reel Sexy to have the thinnest consistency. I'm not saying it's bad, it still glided on well. It's just not very forgiving. However, the shade itself I love. I think it is very flattering on my skin tone.

Heck. I think all 4 shades look pretty darn good on me ;P

One thing to note though, all 3 Amplifieds does catch on to dry skin. To prevent the crumblies, remember to exfoliate!

Well, I hope the swatches and my little commentary has been helpful. Heh.

If there's any questions, feel free to leave them below!

I also bought the beauty powder in Pearl Blossom, such a stunning highlight! I urge you guys to give it a swatch when you can. Swatches are on my Instagram. It's a repromote from the Barbie Collection. Alpha Girl was surprisingly nice too (I rarely have luck with Mac blushes) but I left it behind as I recently bought a similar shade from a different brand. Plus, you gotta trust Barbie! :B

That's it guys!

Again, word on the grapevine is that these will be out in Singapore 24 April. One of the beauty assistants informed me that these will be available at ALL counters. The lipstick will probably be priced at $30 each since they're in the regular black packaging. It's already out in Malaysia so if you happen to be in JB, check out the MAC outlet at JBCC Komtar, it's right beside City Square. Remember to say Hi to Xin Ye for me!

♥ Sheena V

PS: Would you guys still be interested if I posted up swatches from the Julia Petit and Philip Treacy collection? I know it's been out awhile but I saw that the shades were still available spread across Tangs Orchard, Mac NAC and Mac Ion when I was out few days back.  Let me know down below (:


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