Review + Swatch | Mac | Red Red Red Collection Lipstick in Toxic Tale

MAC | Red Red Red | Toxic Tale
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However, I did want to share with you a lipstick that Mac Cosmetics released as part of their Red Red Red Collection. Since it would only be officially launched on our shores this Feb, I wanted to give you guys the heads up because this one lipstick is sooooo good.

Toxic Tale (Satin)
A bright coral, this shade piqued my interest as this coral seemed to lean more towards pink than orange which was exactly what I wanted (although it does seem more orange off the lips, but on, it's definitely more pink). I somewhat bought this blindly because I didn't even get to swatch it in person because it was my aunt who helped me purchase it (at 20% off, no less) as she won a pass to the preview launch. I forwent the other shades in the collection because this was the only opaque shade of the lot. I personally would rather spend $30 on a opaque lipstick than a "tinted lip balm" but that's just my opinion.

It had a smooth, creamy and thick texture. There was no lumps and bumps. Creamy such that there was no chaffing of lips once on. The consistency wasn't so thick that it would slide of the boundaries but not thin enough that a mere rubbing of lips would lead to colour disappearing.

It's stellar texture allowed for smooth application. There was no dragging across the lips however because it is of slightly thicker consistency, it won't exactly slide across the lips either. It does take a wee more muscle power but I can't complain because the non slip allows for more control on application. For intense shade, control is much welcomed. In addition, the formula for this allows building up for a more intense colour without patchiness.

What I really love about this shade is the ability to control intensity without compromising much on the opacity. My lips are pigmented dark pink with brown edges. Therefore, even most opaque lipsticks are unable to cover the edges of my lips. However, 2-3 layers coats my lips quite nicely without any brown peeking through. Heck, even a single layer (shown below) manages to coat my lips pretty damn well.

I had this on through a soupy and oily meal and it was still visible. My lips did not look oily albeit it did look slightly duller / less neon. However, there was no pressing need to touch up after the meal thus making it a fuss-free lipstick. There was also slight fading in the inner lip but if your lips are pigmented pink, it's barely noticeable since Toxic Tale leans more towards pink. It was neither hydrating nor drying.

ONE layer applied for a softer look

To sum it up, I highly recommend picking Toxic Tale! Don't let the the it daunt you. In the tube and swatched on the hand, it does look a bit "whoa nelly!" but as seen above, a single light layer gives a soft but vibrant look that brightens up the face (:

♥ Sheena V


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