Life Update #1

Hey there!

Hope this finds you well (:

I've been short of time recently because my prelims and exams are fast approaching. In Feb/Mar and May/Jun to be exact.

Therefore I apologise that I haven't been updating twice a week as I've been last year. I do try to update at least once a week and there should be a Review + Swatch on 3 of Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix. I know I have 6 but I could only photograph 3 before I had to head out. Haha.

As much as I would like to post up swatches of the myriad of lip products I have, those posts are dependant on the sunlight and Q's availability because it is him who helps photograph me. Which means that I basically only have the weekends to do that. In addition, the past two months have been rather gloomy therefore at times the sunlight I get isn't bright enough. #thestruggleisreal

Don't fret though, I've been compiling whatever product photos I can shoot by myself and planning out my blog schedule for when I finally am on semester break. I may be busy with school + work, but I still found time to shop online. Heh.


I've been testing out products and formed opinions on most of them so I'm very excited to when I can finally get the chance (and time) to share it with you. That's why I started this blog is the first place, I'm a opinionated individual wanting to be heard. Hahaha. I'll also posts prioritise limited edition releases because what's the point of updating if it's already sold out right?

SEOUL 2014

Makeup aside, if you've read my travel tag, you'll know that I went on holiday last Dec to Bangkok and Seoul. I also have some posts planned pertaining to that but those will to wait. (Not to mention I still have my Perth posts. Heh.) Those posts won't exactly be about what I did but more to Tips & Tricks you might appreciate knowing before heading there, from a budget (basically whatever category I belong in) traveller perspective.


On to something more personal, I recently turned 22 and I feel... Old. It's not the number itself that makes me feel old but the fact that my youngest sister is finally in secondary school.We have a 9-year age gap, get what I mean? Sometimes I forget she's too old to get toys as presents. Hahaha.


That's basically all I have to offer today. May you have a wonderful week!

♥ Sheena V

Okay, maybe one last thing. 

Q meanly made this meme;

Hahaha he cb.


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