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L.A. GIRL | Glazed Lip Paints

Hi guys, I'm baacckkkkk.

L.A. GIRL initially released 6 shades of Glazed Lip Paints some time back. There was enough demand for it that they released an additional 12 colours!

L.A. GIRL | Glazed Lip Paints
I chose to order the shade Blushing and Pin up off as I had other items to purchase as well. Unfortunately, at the moment, only carries the 6 original shades so I was limited in choices.

It retails for US$3.49 a piece, which is also mysteriously cheaper than ordering from (US$4). Go figure. 

Read here to find out why I, as an international customer, prefer to shop on rather than the official site.

So on with the review!

Ingredients list found at the back
Despite it being a drugstore brand, these Glazed Lip Paints came with a protective wrap, which I appreciate. It's always a sigh of relief knowing it's not contaminated. But I digress.


If you place the opened tube right under your nose, you're probably gonna pick a whiff of peppermint. Any further and nothing, it's that faint. Hence on the lips, I could not pick up any scent. Which says a lot because I personally think I have a strong sense of smell.

On my lips, I felt as though I had Wrigley's Peppermint Gum laying there. This goes for both shades. There was a slight minty sensation on my lips, though no tingling like how lip plumpers provide. Only a feeling of freshness on my lips which I actually enjoyed very much. 

TEXTURE: 4.5/5
Both shades I picked neither emphasized nor disguised the lines on my lips. Do note that this might vary with across shades. As the name suggests, these lip products are by no means matte. These provide a pure intense wash of colour. No shimmer, glitter or whatsoever. They however, have a slightly glossy finish although more subtle than an actual lip gloss. Moreover, unlike a gloss which usually has a thicker consistency, these lip paints had a thin, somewhat watery consistency, similar to slightly watered down paint.

In all, the name "Glazed Lip Paints" is actually a very apt description for the product. Haha.

From the first picture above, we can see that the product comes with a plastic slanted tip applicator. This helped the application of this product to have more control, despite the thin consistency. I must mention, it depends largely on personal preference on whether the applicator provided was sufficient. Some might prefer using a lip brush. I personally find it easy enough to apply. The trick is to squeeze out product bit by bit. Once done, I clean up the edges with a cotton tip, like how I do with most of my lip products anyway. Therefore there is no added hassle for me. I deducted 0.5 because I definitely had to pay attention on how much product I squeezed out. Once, I squeezed out too much and it was sort of a mess. Note: Do not store it cap-down to prevent a sudden burst of product during application.


L.A. GIRL | Glazed Lip Paint in BLUSHING
The only reason why this didn't score full marks is that the outer edges of my lips, where it's darkest, still showed through.

This product cannot be continuously built up due to the natural slip of the product therefore there is an extent to how opaque it can appear on your lips. It will never look as opaque as it does straight out of the tube. Of course, if your lips are less pigmented than mine, there would probably be no issues on opacity regardless.

WEAR: 4/5
I was on shift and this managed to stay on for 6 hours looking exactly the same. Therefore if you're in a working environment like retail whereby you go through hours straight without eating and only minimal drinking, this is God sent for you. Wiping it off after left a stain.

On a separate occasion, it went through the "meal test" and found that although the lipstick for the most part was still there, it was not as intense or "glazed". In addition, it did feather, just the slightest bit. Nothing someone could tell from afar.

L.A. GIRL | Glazed Lip Paint in BLUSHING

L.A. GIRL | Glazed Lip Paint in PIN UP

L.A. GIRL | Glazed Lip Paint in PIN UP
As mentioned in Blushing, this product cannot be continuously built up. That being said, Pin Up allowed me to obtain full opacity thus deserving full marks.

WEAR: 3.5/5
Similar to Blushing, this managed to stay on for 6 hours looking exactly the same, provided there was no eating and only minimal drinking. However I must note that Pin Up tends to transfer onto my teeth, hence 0.5 point less than Blushing. It could be because I have a slight overbite but I did not have this problem with the other colour nor did I apply it any differently. Hence this is something to keep in mind when wearing out.

Similarly to blushing, after a meal test, it did feather ever so slightly and it lost a little of its "glaze".


Putting price aside, I find this product to perform very well, for what it claims to be. It gives off a glazed finish, as stated. Obviously if you're into matte lips and matte lips alone, this is not for you. 

What made me very impressed is the intensity of the shade. There is only very slight variation on and off the lips. So if you're someone who really likes a bold, intense lip, this one is for you. I personally enjoy lip products that translates on the lips exactly how it looks like on the tube. I mean, when shopping be it online or in stores, you pick a shade based on how it looks like on the screen or in the tube right? 

The only 'make it or break it' factor I feel is that it has a faint peppermint smell and slight sensation to the lips. Someone who has an adverse dislike to it may want to give this a skip. I must reiterate the fact that it is very faint and slight though.

Now factoring the price of US$3.49 / S$4.8 it wouldn't hurt the pocket to give this a go if it interests you. Not to mention, often has 15-20% off sales. wink wink.

With that, I hope you enjoyed my review.

Till my next one!

♥ Sheena V


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