Pixel Perth 2014: Day 2 | Road Trip Ready!

Perth Harbour
Hi guys!

Day 2 was the start of our road trip!

It was filled with also sorts of emotions, ranging from fatigue to fright. 

Oh yes, at one point, I was scared shitless. 

I will further elaborate in a bit.

Moving right along,
our plan was to head over to Perth Harbour Village and spend a night there before continuing on to Ferguson the following day. 

We left Uncle J's home around noon but first made a detour to pick up some essential groceries to tide us over a few days. Keeping in mind that we were going to spend Day 3-5 at a farm in the outskirts, we weren't exactly sure where or when along our trip would we come across another supermarket. 

All strapped in, off we went to Westfield Carousel for some Halal meat!

Level 1, right beside Woolsworth
Westfield Carousel 
1382 Albany Highway
Cannington, WA, 6107

Different cuts of white and dark meat
This place is a must go if you're on a road trip to somewhere unfamiliar. There's lamb, beef, chicken and even venison! Cuts include chopped, minced, fillets etc Minced meat would be the way to go on a short road trip as you can whip up spaghetti on fried rice with it. I would suggest stocking up the very first chance you get because Halal butcheries come in few and far between. We learnt that the hard way when our supply ran out. *sobs

Assorted Spiced Beef Sausages
I highly recommend getting these sausages as they required very little preparation.  While baking them or stir frying them would be the tastier way to go, 15 minutes in the microwave will do the trick just fine. 

There was once all of us we woke up late with less than an hour to check out. Bearing in mind there's 5 of us and only two toilets in the apartment we were staying at, I certainly did not have time to whip out the pans and wash up after. Being able to microwave it was a life saver, because I could leave it in there while I showered and dressed. 

Yes, I was the designated chef of the trip. 

My advise is to go for the BBQ ones as the other spices in the others might be too strong for some. These sausages are quite long and typically do not shrink after cooking hence one sausage/person/meal should be sufficient. These aren't expensive either, about 1AUD per piece. Much, much cheaper than the kebabs we had throughout the trip. 

If you're destination is a fair bit away from Westfield Carousel and worried the meat might spoil, buy a cooler bag from Woolsworth (the supermarket) and ask the attendant at Carousel Meats if they could give you a bag of ice to keep it cool. Don't work to ask nicely! That's what we did plus they didn't charge us for it. If you're too paiseh, you could always buy ice from Woolsworth.

Other than meat, we picked up some dry goods like bread, mushrooms and spaghetti from Woolsworth before bidding farewell to Uncle J (who accompanied us to Westfield Carousel).

With groceries done, off we went to check in at our apartment!

Mews Road, Challenger Harbour
WA 6160
First Level of apartment
Now, here was where I got the fright of my life.

The apartment is very nice and all, it had a total of three levels;
Level One - Kitchen + Living Room + Sun Deck
Level Two - En-suite bedroom with Balcony + toilet + twin bedroom
Level Three - Attic style bedroom

You can view the interior of the apartment in this video;

However, this apartment was creepy as fuck.

I'm not going into detail as to why it was, else this will make this post extremely lengthy. If you're still interested to know, you can click here.

Suffice to say, given the choice, I would NOT be returning here. 

46 Mews Road
Fremantle, WA

Lunch at Kailis
After a very "eventful" check-in at the apartment, Uncle J recommended we check out Kailis for their fish and chips. Boy, was I glad we did. We had a wonderful time pigging out to their fresh picks!

Extremely Fresh Oysters
Their oysters had no fishy taste at all, which is a bonus.

Chilli Mussels
I personally found their Chilli Mussels so-so though, only because the meat was rather tiny for the price paid. 

Top Center: Fish & Chips Platter for 4
Bottom Left: Seafood Chowder
The 5 of us shared the Fish & Chips Platter for 4 which was enough for us. Mostly because I was busy slurping their Seafood Chowder which is inducing hunger pangs in my tummy this instance. Not to discredit the battered fish, those were delicious! Multifolds better than the crap at E-Shed. Highly recommend!

At the Pier right outside Kaili's

840 Wellington Street
West Perth


As we didn't go there straight after lunch, we only arrived there an hour before closing. We were short on time at this place that I didn't managed to snap any pictures. That doesn't mean I didn't shop though! I just wish I had more time to shop more. Lol.

Well aware time was not on my side, I already pre planned my shopping route. Hahahaha. You can do the same by checking here.

Just to illustrate how much fun I had;

I managed to get a stack of 5AUD shorts and tops for my siblings and parents at Jay Jays. I already knew Jay Jays had cheap clothes from my previous Australia outlet shopping experience hence i knew I had to check the place out. 

I bought my father and brother an Oakley top each at 15AUD.

Forever New was having a fantastic sale on sale, so I snagged a pair of gloves for 8AUD (it was cold out).

Ugg-inspired boots
Last but not least, a pair of furry boots from Rubi at only 5AUD. Not only did they keep my feet warm, they were extremely comfortable too!

Ahh I just love outlet shopping.

Her house ain't open to public so I can't be giving out her address right? Hahahahaha.

Aunt Zainab invited over for dinner and to be honest, that was all we could think about the whole day. Hehehe.

Proud to say, she didn't disappoint!

Nasi Kuning
After more than 24hours, finally, RICE!

Chilli Prawns
Roasted Chicken
Meatballs & Mixed Salad

 The dinner she prepared for us was scrumptious!

Despite not being a big fan of veggies, I was gobbling up her Mixed Salad. For some unknown reason, it simply tasted like flavoured noodles, only not! I remember asking her and she said it included carrots, zucchini and cauliflower I think?

Marble Cake
Not only did she prepare dinner, there was also dessert!

Auntie Zainab, you really outdid yourself there.

The rest of the time was spent sitting and catching up with each other. Next thing we knew it was already 10pm. Hahaha.

I think all of us were tempted fall asleep there.

Given our creepy apartment, I wouldn't have minded. Hahaha.

There you have it, the end of Day 2!

As always, I hope this has been very interesting, informative and helpful.

'Till Day 3!

♥ Sheena V

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