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The beautiful view as we started our descent

Overdue or not, I'm gonna share my first day in Perth!

Our flight touched down on time, which was about 0515hrs. All of us haven't slept, I dare say, in 18 hours? Needless to say we were all pretty shagged by the time we were done collecting our luggage.

Happy to finally walk out of the airport
Q's uncle, Uncle Jumali, picked us up at the airport. It was thoughtful of him to come despite it being the wee hours, to ensure we won't get lost getting to his home. Which is really sweet of him.

But first, we made a pit stop!

Outside Uncle J's salon
He brought us round the salon he owns and works at;

Inside Uncle J's Salon
Which is pretty snazzy, I must say.

Farah looking like she needs to pee

Then he brought us home, which is hella spiffy. *whistles

Family sat at the patio and caught up with each other while I just watched and gobbled up the fresh air. 

No haze here! Hahahaha!

At the patio, catching up
And then the meal everybody was looking forward to!

We had the best kacang pool ever!
After a few hours of rest, Uncle J and his wife brought us gallivanting around town!

South Terrace, Fremantle
WA 6160

Entrance of Fremantle Market
Open on Friday-Sunday, Fremantle Market is actually a collection of different stalls. The assortment of wares include affordable fresh local produce, mouth watering baked goods and indigenous products. If you're in Fremantle only for a few days, I would say this is a pretty good place to get souvenirs that won't break the bank.

That wide smile of mine was largely due to the intensely bittersweet chocolate donut I was having. 

In my hands, I held the best chocolate in this entire trip!
Deep discussion on where to head next

Victoria Quay, Fremantle
WA 6160

Facade of E-Shed markets
E-shed sells a lot of (expensive) knick knacks and also your typical pasar malam merchandise. I wouldn't recommend you do your souvenir shopping here because in my opinion, there wasn't anything particularly interesting or screamed "Australia". There's Halal food options here so if snacking at Fremantle Markets doesn't cut it, this is the place to go since it's relatively close.

Otherwise, if you're a non-muslim traveller who's also short for time, I would say give this place a pass.

 The market includes cafeteria area with a fair variety of stalls.

As mentioned, legitimate Halal food is available here, two stalls to be exact!

One is, you've guessed it, a Kebab stall! What's new? 

Another is a typical Malay stall selling Satay, Mee Goreng etc. My apologies for not taking any pictures of the respective stalls. 

There is also a stall selling fish and chips plus other fried seafood. I personally found the fish and chips to be rubbish. Drenched with oil and just urgh. I wished I had just gotten a kebab or Malay food. Uncle J's mee goreng looked pretty good.

As per usual with Australian meals, it is on the pricier side but big portions. Don't be shy to share with your partner, he probably can't finish his too.

5123 West Swan Road
West Swan, WA 6055

Carpark allocated to visitors of TMRCC and Providore

Be prepared to feast your eyes on the mountains of chocolate!

There was chocolate sampling available, absolutely free.

All you had to do was scoop it onto your hands and munch as you continue to browse.

Ginormous bowls of chocolate counts set out for free sampling

We can definitely see who's enjoying their chocolates here hehe

Staring in awe at the myriad of chocolate souvenirs available
In which I purchased a chocolate chicken
I went crazy in here buying souvenirs! Well, as crazy as I can get within my available budget. Haha.

So that was that.

Next door to Margaret River Chocolate Co.
5123 West Swan Road
West Swan, WA 6055

Short but scenic walk from TMRCC to Providore
Providore is basically Jams and Oils galore.

Like Margaret River Chocolate Co., free sampling is available. There are stacks and stacks of jams of multiple flavours, flavours that aren't common in Singapore. I didn't get any, though I'm sort of kicking myself for it right now. 

The variety of olive oils and vinaigrettes available on sale made me dizzy with excitement! 

I bought home the following; 
Balsamic & Wild Onion Vinaigrette
Garlic infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vanilla infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

That's right guys, Vanilla infused

I can already imagine the fireworks my belly will experience.

We returned home, had some amazing lamb chops by Uncle J's wife and retired for the night. I really appreciate him taking the time off his Sunday to bring us around.

So that concludes our day!

If you much prefer watching things in motion, check out this video;

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.

'Till I share Day 2!

♥ Sheena V


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