Pixel Perth 2014: Quest Serviced Apartments | A Creepy Encounter

Mews Road, Challenger Harbour
WA 6160

Hi guys!

You're probably here because you're curious as to why I found this apartment creepy as fuck.

Before that, you can view the gist of the house configuration in the video below;

So here goes my experience;


It didn't start off creepy. 

So everyone was settling down on the ground level, too tired to move up just yet. I on the other hand, had to go to the loo, which was on the second floor. 

No biggie, I went up myself.

I'm not the kind to frighten myself with scary thoughts hence why I had no problem being upstairs alone. 

I used the common toilet at that trip itself was uneventful. I then decided to step into the room next door look at myself in the full length mirror. Check if my clothes were too crumpled and all that jazz. 

Then a nagging feeling made me look up.

Terpegun sia I tell you to see a hole of darkness, right above me.

(Picture shown is not of the apartment I was in, but just to illustrate what I saw. I did not take a picture of the actual hole because my imagination on overdrive at that point. My mind was telling me if I took a picture, when I leave the place, the picture will show something else. No thank you.) 

I was not exactly frightened, just shaken. I did not scream, but I did call up Q. That guy also one kind, can hear from my voice something is wrong can still take his sweet time. 

I could tell Q was also shocked to see an exposed hole in the ceiling. Someone must have forgotten to close it back.

My question is, why was is the cover not bolted down?

Soalan bonus tu.

At that moment I knew I wouldn't be sleeping in that room. Other than possible supernatural appearances, how am I sure that no one planted a camera of sorts in hopes of seeing the occupants undressed? This places is definitely not female friendly.

K nevermind, Q managed to locate the cover somewhere above the ceiling and covered it back up to become this;

I still wasn't done settling down so Q accompanied me while I arranged my luggage in the room. 

So Q was sitting at the bed furthest in while I was standing at the foot of the other bed.

For a while it was fine. Then, the nagging feeling returned to look up.

The bloody vent cover was floating.


What. The. Fuck.

Terus I lari, lompat sebelah Q. I ran towards Q and jumped onto the bed beside him and hugged him for dear life. 

That wasn't all. Nu-uh.

The vent cover started slamming up and down the ceiling.

I started laughing hysterically. Yes, laughing. My mind still couldn't wrap around what was happening. My mind didn't get that this was happening to me and not someone else. So douchebag mind made me laugh at myself instead. If you get what I mean.

Even Q was quiet. 

Stunned in our places, our eyes were still fixated at the vent until it stopped moving a few seconds later. 

A logical explanation would be the wind did it. How it managed to do that, and so violently at that, I don't know. 

We aren't very sure what is directly above that room as bedroom on the third floor does not overlap that bedroom. It is possible that the closet of the third bedroom overlaps it BUT the door of that was locked.

Q's sister and I were supposed to share that bedroom but the ladies ended up sharing the the Queen bed in master bedroom.

Q and his dad ended up sleeping downstairs.

The whole night I couldn't shake off this eerie feeling I had on my back.

Did I mention that the particular bedroom was extremely dusty? 

God knows when was the last time someone actually slept in there.

I also have an issue with the common toilet.

When I went to shower at night, I realised there was yet vent directly above the shower.



I know a vent in the toilet is perfectly normal but why on earth would you place a vent above the shower?!

Granted this vent was bolted (thank God) but you could still fit a pinhole camera in there. 

Need I explain how unsafe is that?


I personally would recommend everyone to stay far, far away from this establishment. 

So that's my story.

♥ Sheena V

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