Chunky Mushroom Soup Recipe

On days where I've literally no where to be, I enjoy cooking in the earlier parts of the day and leaving my revision for the later parts.

So that's how this happened;

Chunky Mushroom Soup

This recipe is adapted from one of the personalities I subscribe to on YouTube i.e. Laura Vitale. 
You can find her version here

What made me subscribe to her in the first place was the fact that many of her recipes are idiot-proof
And if it isn't, she doesn't pretend it is. She straight up says that the recipe is gonna take up more time and effort. 

Now, if this recipe is so easy, why do I still have my take on it? 
For one, I don't consume alcohol. 
Number two, not everything is available at the Sheng Shiong by my house. 
I'm not gonna take a bus to NTUC just to make something quick. That defeats the purpose, won't it? Plus her being from the US, her measurements at times differ from what we use. I will elaborate in a bit.

Without further ado, this is my take;

- 700g of Wild Mushrooms
    My mix (Basically what my Sheng Shiong had);
    - 300g of Shiitake Mushrooms
    - 200g of White Button Mushrooms
    - 200g of Swiss Brown Mushrooms
- 2 White Onions^
- 1 Bulb of Garlic^
- 1/4 bar of Unsalted Butter (1 bar = 225g)
- 2 tablespoons of Flour
- 1.5 cubes of Knorr's Chicken Cubes
- 2 litre of Water, plus some
- 1/4 cup of Whipping Cream (otherwise known as heavy cream)
- Your preferred amount of salt and pepper
- Optional: Balsamic + Wild Onion Vinaigrette (or whichever vinaigrette you prefer)

^In general, the produce in the States are much bigger and more packed in flavour as compared to those in Singapore. Hence don't be alarmed that I used more to get the desired flavour.

- Stir fry Onions + Garlic + Mushrooms + Black Pepper in Butter over medium-high heat. *No salt needed at this point. Continue stirring until brown, not burnt. This can take up to 10min, depending on your heat.

- Add Vinaigrette + flour + Chicken Cubes. Stir until chicken cubes + flour have dissolved.

- Add Water and leave to simmer for 45min. Add more water throughout if needed.

- Switch off heat. Pour 3/4 of soup into a blender to blend. Add it back to the pot after.

- Switch back the heat. Add Whipping Cream.

- Taste. Add salt and more pepper if necessary. 

*Mushrooms, vinaigrette, chicken cubes and whipping cream have a natural saltish taste. Therefore, adding it at the end prevents over salting. Once you over salt, you can't go back. Adding more water doesn't solve the problem.

Tadah! Homemade soup! Yum Yum.

Hope you give this a try and impress someone with it!

♥ Sheena V


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