Review + Swatch | Sephora | Cream Lip Stain in 04, 05 & 07

Recently, I blogged about buying 2 additional shades of Sephora's Cream Lip Stain (here).

Hence, I thought I'd share how the 3 shades I have matches my skin tone, as well as lip swatches.

NOTE: All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Products should be true to colour.


Sephora Cream Lip Stain | 04

This is the first in the line that I bought. At the time, I was really into a dark vampy lip and this was the darkest Sephora SG had (Sephora SG didn't carry 07 back then). This colour wears opaque on my lips, which is great as I have uneven pigmented lips. Even when it fades a little after I eat, it leaves an even stain. Nothing weird looking. However for the majority, it doesn't budge at all or even transfer. Removing is also relatively easy for something that doesn't budge. One wet wipe does the trick.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain | 05

Colour 05 was a bit off for me. From a distance, it still looks fine with the subtle sheen. Looking at the second photo though, it was slightly streaky on me and not opaque. I would imagine that this wouldn't be an issue for those with lighter lips. I can still make this work, it's not gonna be an entire waste. If I use it on top of another nude lipstick like Mac's Fast Play or Siss, it will work. Otherwise, I could just gift it to my sister. One thing to note when removing this colour though, it will leave glitter everywhere if you're not too careful. So proceed with caution.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain | 07

I happened to be browsing in Sephora when I saw they had an even deeper version of 04. Boy, was I was excited! Tried it on in store, using their disposable doe foot applicator, and fell in love with how it looked. It complemented my constantly angry face. Hahaha. While it's stunning, it's also a bitch to remove. I had to use a legit lip product remover for this one. Wet wipes do not cut it. So if you decide to switch to a lighter colour while you're out and about, good luck with that!


The red one is this collection, whilst I do not own it (I own Urban Decay's F-bomb, which I love), is a real showstopper. The intensity is really, WOW. I've recommended it to my friends who were looking for a good first red and so far no one has complained. I even randomly recommended it to a teenage girl who happened to be browsing beside me. Guess what? She bought it. HAHA. Even Q, who was with me at the time, was amazed she listened. Reading what I'm typing about it right know is making me want get it! Maybe, just maybe. Heh.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful!

♥ Sheena V


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