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Ferguson Farm, Perth 2014
I saw this tag floating on Hello Khronicles and seeing that I'll be off travelling tomorrow, I thought this was very fitting!

Not to mentioned I hadn't done anything me-related in a while. Haha.

What made you start travelling?
The desire to spend time away from family, with friends to a place off a different island. That was when I was still an angsty teenager. Hahaha. Now I travel just to take a break from my commitments. Although I can't afford to do that often, I make it a point to at least go somewhere substantial once a year.

Philippines 2013
Where was your first plane ride to?
Philippines. My mum is a Filipino so we go back to visit once every few years. This first trip happened when I was slightly more than a year old. It was the first trip back for my parents as a family (Parents + older brother + me). I recall it being quite fun with the older ones pampering me since I was a cute little circle. Hahaha.

Gold Coast / Brisbane 2013
First trip down under
Where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?
Australia. I fell in love with the country in my first visit there in 2013. To be more specific, it was Brisbane that got me hooked to the country. I love the winter weather and I love how spacious the place is. There's no such thing as invasion of personal space. I have a goal to visit a different state each year if possible. I already did Perth this year so next up, I have Melbourne on my mind. (:

What are you 3 must have travel items?
Aside from the compulsory passport, air ticket and sufficient clothes, I always bring the following;
  • Travel adapter It would so suck so bad not being able to charge your phone
  • Hoodie
    No matter how high class a hotel may be, I always bring a hoodie to wear to sleep, hood up and all. Some places are very dusty so I do so to prevent breakouts on my face and breaking into a sneezing fit
  • Truckload of tissue packets
    I get the sniffles easily so I must always have a couple of tissue packets on hand. In addition, as mentioned, hotels can be quite dusty so I always have a pack or two beside me when I sleep.
  • Bonus! Portable Charger
    Especially looking at the current state of my mobile, the battery tends to run out faster. It is also a known fact that battery life is shortened in cold weather.
Window, aisle or middle seat?
If I was placed at the side columns with friends/family, I would prefer the window seat.

If I was placed at the side columns with strangers, I would prefer the aisle seat because I don't like to be 'cornered' by strangers.

Also, if I was placed in the middle columns, regardless of who I'm seated with, I would prefer the aisle seat. because although I'm not one who regularly visits the toilet during flights, should I need to, I'm not comfortable with the idea of squeezing through people to get to the toilet. I would much rather have to get up from my seat to give way to those who need the toilet because it doesn't bother me that much since I wouldn't be sleeping of watching movies anyway.

Which places are on your 'visit-to-next' list?
Melbourne. I hope to travel there during my next semester break, if I can afford it. If Melbourne turns out to be too expensive, I would like to check out Hong Kong for Dim Sum or Brunei for the wide range of cheap Halal food. However, if we were in a world whereby we could travel freely, I would check out either London or Switzerland. In the meantime, I'm heading to BKK and ICN in the coming two weeks!

Brisbane 2013
Best weather everrrrrr

Where would you travel just for the weather?
Australia, specifically during winter. I personally find their winter weather just right for me. I find the strong wind refreshing and breathtaking. Some of my friends found it too cold, not me. I can still escape wearing a thin jacket or even shorts on the less windy days.

KL 2014
with my father missing-in-action
Do you have an interesting 'I'm lost' story?
Fortunately, not yet. Hahaha. I've been too anal to allow that to happen. Hopefully my trip to BKK and ICn doesn't break that lucky streak.

I do have another interesting story of a lost father though.

This past June, my family and I (sans my brother), went to KL for the very first time. Q tagged along as well. However, my father was actually a last minute addition to the trip. So instead of taking the plane like the rest of us, my father actually took the bus there.

Because the journey for my dad would take longer, he left Singapore earlier so that all of us would arrive at the hotel about the same time.

My party arrived first and we waited for my dad for an hour before deciding to leave for lunch as all of us have not eaten. We thought that my father could just call us once he reached and we would head back since the shopping mall was only a 5 min walk away. We also left a message for my dad at the hotel counter, just in case.

We ended up exploring the mall for a few hours. In the meantime I was getting very worried on the whereabouts of my father since he hasn't called and it was getting quite late. Worried that my father's mobile possibly died on him and that he was actually waiting at the lobby grumpily prompted us to make a return.

When we arrived at the hotel, there was no sign of him at the lobby. We also asked the counter if my father did show up and they said no. Perplexed, we decided to just return to our room. Upon nearing the room, I could hear the television playing which was surprising because I recalled switching everything before we left.

We went in and saw my father lying on the bed, watching television without a care in the world. -_-

I tell you, I was fuming that he didn't even call us. Waiting for food only that one. D<

(It was also disconcerting that a staff just let my father in the room solely because my father presented the name of who the booking was made by and none of the other staff were aware that my father as actually already in the room.)

Where would you like to travel to, just for the food?
Brunei / Hong Kong. I've seen too many pictures of good food from friends who've been there. My time will come soon :D

Is there a place you would never go again?
I have restaurants I have vowed not to return to and companions I have vowed not to travel with again but never places to  avoid travelling to again. If I had to pick a place I'm in no rush to revisit though, I would say Phuket mainly because, it's one of those places whereby, once is enough.

Harbour Village , Perth 2014
If you could take one person with you to travel, who would it be?
Q. Although we more or less like to do the same things, it's good to know he will acquiesce to whatever requests I have. Heh Heh.

How do you pass the time on the airplane?
There seems to generally be two types of people, one who prefers to sleep it through and one who prefers to have a movie marathon.

I am neither. If it's a short flight, I let my mind wander my way through. If it's longer, I usually occupy myself by typing/writing down my thoughts. My mind is too active to just sleep or mindless watch movies. I might throw in an episode of Elementary or Sherlock but not a whole marathon. Or maybe a few rounds of chess on my tablet!

Are there other people whom you think should do this?
Well, not really. Hahaha. I'm the only one in my circle of friends who blogs. Or maybe @heyitsbrina and @gnatniamrahs if you're reading! If anyone else decides to do it, leave a comment! Would love to read it. (:

So yeah! Check out my IG @fsnavee if you're interested in my travel pics (:

I have some prescheduled posts coming up so keep a look out! Bye!

♥ Sheena V


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