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Today, I'll be talking about armpits.

You read that right.


Nothing too disturbing lah of course. I don't want people to think I'm a freak. Haha.

We all know that deodorants contains a bunch of chemicals to help control our body odour. However, like everything else, there are good chemicals and bad chemicals. Some of which can react badly with the skin, causing angry bumps etc.

I personally struggle with underarms that are sensitive to chemicals. I have to be careful on what I place on my underarms or fear a rash. (I'm also picky on body soap because of that). I've tried different brands and types and I seem to always form an adverse reaction.

I'm lucky in a sense that I don't stink quickly (at least I don't think I do) so long as I've taken an extra shower within an hour before leaving home. If I'm out for 4-5 hours doing regular errands or having classes in an air conditioned room, I'm pretty much safe.

Of course, I still fear for the days I'm out longer. Then I'd have no choice but to succumb to the evil chemical filled deodorants. Hence I'm always on the look out for alternatives.

Which led me to discover "The Healthy Deodorant".

The Healthy Deodorant: Vanilla Summer

Note: This is item, to my knowledge, is not available in Singapore. I ordered this off Sephora's site here

I purchased this about two months back after hearing about it being talked on YouTube as a 100% natural deodorant.

It doesn't contain aluminium, which is believed to be what causes the rashes for people like me. So I was like, "Okay, let me give it a shot". I had wanted to order stuff from Sephora anyway. Full ingredient list here

First things first, this does not irritate my skin. Huge relief there, knowing that it didn't come all the way from US for nothing. Haha.

With that out of the way, let me just lay out the pros and cons out quickly.

- "Vanilla Summer" had a fresh linen scent to it with a hint of vanilla. Which is great because I absolutely l.o.v.e fresh scents.
- 100% Natural. Notingly, no parabens and aluminium.

- Because it is without any harsh chemicals, it is not heavy duty. Therefore if you are one to suffer from really bad body odour, this might not be for you. Also, any form of strenuous activity would render this deodorant useless. This is more of a "errands-running" kind of deodorant.
- It leaves a white residue (shown below). This might not pose a problem if one is fair but because I am deep-skinned, the residue is obvious on me. Therefore whenever I use this deodorant, I have to take note to avoid tank tops or sleeveless dresses.

White residue visible
Overall This is a GO for me. Mostly due to the fact that I do not find the cons to be deal breakers. I personally do not perspire easily and I do work + study in an air conditioned environment so the mild strength of the deodorant is fine. The only thing that irks me in the white residue but again, I'll just wear something sleeved.

I hope this has been useful! And if you have recommendations for deodorants without any harsh chemicals, let me know!

♥ Sheena V


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