I Turn 5 in RUBI

I guess saying I turn 5 in Rubi is a gross overestimation.

Saying I turn 5 in The Cotton On Group would be more accurate. 

Before I go on, I'd like to clarify that I only work there on a part time basis. 

I was extremely surprised to have received this "certificate". I burst out laughing when my manager held this out to me! Even though this is nothing official, there was a grammatical error in which I photoshop-ed out, it was still an unexpected gesture from the upper management. Out of my 5 years with this company, they have never showed much value towards their part time staff. 

This isn't my first job, mind you. It's actually my third. (This is also not my only job since as I do take up temporary full time jobs during the holiday.) I had switched to Cotton On because then, they paid the highest wages to retail part timers at $7/hr. Now I believe the top spot goes to Abercrombie and Fitch? Heck, even Daiso's staff are paid higher. Haha.

I was initially employed to work at Cotton On Bugis at the tender (haha) age of 16, when I had just entered Temasek Polytechnic.  Back then, the store was probably only a third of what you currently see standing in Bugis Junction.

I left that outlet after 2 years mainly due to conflict. You see, that company tends to hire young managers who are not yet emotionally stable themselves to handle a team compromising mostly of youths. I'm glad to say most of those managers have left the company, either willingly or not.  

There was also a problem about the location being too much of a hassle and expense for me. I only earn $7/hour and mostly on 4 hour shifts. Doesn't make sense for me to spend $4 on transport alone each time right?

So anyway, I requested for a transfer to my current Rubi outlet and I haven't looked back since. The girls here are much more pleasant and we treat each other with respect, something that was missing previously. Of course there were some bad apples along the way but those eventually left. 

I'm proud to say that if I were to quit today, I will leave with some lifelong friends. Namely the one who coincidentally stays in the same block as me. Hahaha.

Gone are the days whereby I dedicate 4-5 days a week to this job. With my current commitment to school, it's hard to maintain shifts. I'm glad my manager understands. It also helps that there are many other staff who needs the shifts more than me, otherwise she'll be hounding my ass. Hahahaha. Currently I'm on a "when necessary only" basis. Fine by me!

My colleagues, those who've worked almost as long as me, and I always joke with each other on when we should finally quit. Or when I we gonna convert to full time staff. Hahaha. I know my expiry date will come soon enough, once I get my degree and it's time to enter the real world. But for know, I'm just enjoying what time I have in store :)

Once again, I can't believe this company ate half a decade of my life. 

♥ Sheena V


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