Chasing Time

Easter Themed Flower Dome in 2013
Shot by Me
It's the start of a brand new month, in which we are currently on November.

I can't believe almost two months of classes have passed. It makes me nervous just thinking of it because it means I'm that much more closer to my exams. Granted my exams start next May but I can't afford to repeat modules. Like literally. Have you seen the school fees?! Mad expensive. As in the dean, or whoever is responsible, is mad.

I'm behind on my readings, though not as bad as I was last year (yeah, keep telling myself that). Doesn't help I'm taking two week-long trips in December (not complaining but it means more work piled up *cries). Scrambling behind my readings doesn't leave me much room to do anything else either.

It's been 3 weeks since my last recipe adventure. Bummer. Even Q is showing his discontent. Haha.

Whilst blogging allows me to let my creative juices out, it's also very time consuming. I don't mind it, of course. I just wish I had more time to post more because I simply have a myriad of things to share!

I know my posts have been beauty related of late, but that's only because those take up the shortest amount of time. Travel posts take up a full day because I know how stagnant pictures can be so I like to ensure that I have a short video to accompany each post. Call me a people pleaser. But help! I still have Day 3-7 of Perth undone!

Recently, I've attended a two beauty launches by NARS and Urban Decay that I wish to blog about. I also won a makeover (HAHA) and lipstick from NARS in which I thought was an "interesting" experience. I also went to the opening of Sephora's Tampines 1 outlet, complete with a funny incident.

I also wish to blog more about my BTO experience because it's something I want to remember in years to come. Though currently there's not much to show except dirt and machines. Heh. On another note, if any of you secret readers have any questions with regards to this topic, do let me know! Happy to help where I can.

I know here I am saying I'm so busy blah3 but my instagram seems as active as ever. Therefore this might be hard to believe, but I rarely ever leave the house.

For the past weeks, other than school, the launches were the only time I left home. Even then, straight home I went. My manager has also very kindly decreased my work shifts at my request coz I simply ain't got time.

You know my lip swatch pictures? Those are taken right outside my house. Hahahaha. A friend who knows where I stay, stared at me in disbelief when she knew. It's all about the lighting ;D Which inadvertently means I can only photograph between 1-3pm. Oh, the trials and tribulations. Also, if you knew what the backgrounds of my other photos were, you would probably laugh. Hahahaha.

At this moment, I only allow myself to post every Sunday, after my week's revision is done. Acts as sort of a refresher. Today is an exception because I had classes. I have this rule whereby if I've had a full day of classes, I must relax when I get home. Non-negotiable. Lol.

That being said, I'm already itching to upload another post. Oops.

I should stop while I'm ahead. Until my next one!

♥ Sheena V

PS I just remembered I have my 3rd wisdom tooth extraction next week. Damnit!


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