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Hey guys!

I recently went shopping on the Sephora US website. Guess what?
I've got mail! Don't you just love getting things in the mail? I know I do! Hahahaha.

Whenever I shop at this website, I mostly purchase products that are either; 
A) Unavailable in Singapore; or 
B) Significantly cheaper I'm talking about more than SGD10 here, not like cents cents uh

Heck, if I get at least two products that are total of SGD30 cheaper (which is actually quite common), it compensates for my shipping. So why the hell not? I save up, consolidate my "needs" and go on one big, FAT shopping spree! Whoopeedoo!

I'll be showing you one of the items from my haul :)

NOTE: All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Products should be true to colour.






My thoughts: Urban Decay wins for best packaging, hands down. Just look at it, bet you can't tear your eyes away from it. Either that or I didn't do a good job documenting its beauty. Haha. 

But really now, this set is gorgeous! And it better be. At 39USD/51SGD, this is a pricey set. In all honesty though, value wise, it isn't much. That being said, I still told myself, "I MUST get it". 

This is part of Urban Decay's Holiday Collection 2014 which includes 3 new lipstick shades, exclusive to this set: Ladyflower, Crush and Illicit. Be warned thought, these lipsticks are damn tiny. I kid you not, each lipstick is only 0.035oz! Look at the pictures below and hopefully they provide a good gauge. Even I was surprised. The set does compensate that fact by including a full size lip pencil. I have a feeling that this set would be available in Singapore in time to come but probably only in November. Pricing wise, it might be something ridiculous but I would wait for the bi-annual VIB sale to get 20% off. 

The way I see it, only those who are a major fan of Urban Decay's creamy Revolution Lipstick would indulge. I myself already own the full-size of F-bomb and I love it. It gives an intense, opaque red lip without being drying. Added with the fact I love lipstick, this set was a no-brainer.

Urban Decay | Revolution Lipstick in;
Ladyflower | Crush
Illicit | Gash
Liar | F-Bomb

Urban Decay |  24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone

This set is available for purchase here.


Hope you've enjoyed!

♥ Sheena V

P.S. I use vPost to have this products shipped to me. Convenient and relatively quick. I always take advantage on their shipping promotions so that it doesn't get crazy expensive. Getting friends to split the cost also helps. So if anybody wants to order from Sephora US let me know, I'm currently eyeing some Hourglass products. Hehe.


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