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Lipsticks, I'm in love.

Therefore if a set of different lip products by different brands is available to me, why not seize the chance?

May I present;




My thoughts: This is one set that I was eager to receive at the point of purchase but as days went by, started to feel a twinge of regret. Mostly due to the the videos on YouTube that presented a less that enthusiastic view on it. 

However, upon admiring it in real life, I'm relieved I got it! I appreciate how more thought is put into the interior as compared to the previous set. It makes it feel luxurious when presented nicely.

At the time, I was contemplating on either getting this or the bigger "sister", here. There was no way I was getting both because I didn't want an excessive amount of lip minis. So what I did was go to a Sephora store and swatched whichever products available in Singapore. So tip for those figuring out which to purchase, do just that. GMML had more Nays than Yays to justify 59USD/77SGD. So I chose GMSL at 25USD/33SGD which also happened to be friendlier on my pocket. Heh.

On the site, some of the colours looked a bit to pale for my liking such as Smashbox's PoutBuxom's White Russian and Nars's Orgasm. But oh my, did these knock my socks off. I have yet to try any of them on my lips but with all six being leading players in the lip industry, I'm feeling pretty confident. I hope the images I shot below do the products justice.

NOTE: All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Products should be true to colour.

Smashbox | "Be Legendary" Lip Gloss in Pout 0.2oz

Bite Beauty | "High Pigment" Pencil in Meritage 0.05oz

Marc Jacobs Beauty | "Lust for Lacquer" in Kissability 0.02oz

Buxom | Lip Cream in White Russian 0.07oz

Nars | Lip Gloss in Orgasm 0.12oz

Urban Decay | "Revolution" Lipstick in Liar 0.03oz

This set is available for purchase here.

Recently Sephora SG also released a set of lip products called Puckerlicious Lip Set, retailing at 29SGD.

While I applaud them for taking a step in the right direction, damn where those samples tiny! I wasn't a big fan of Tarte and NYX. The Guerlain sample was extremely minute that it didn't make it a big deal. The other two were a better size but still not worth $29 in my opinion. Plus the packaging was simply a ziplock bag with their logo, seriously?

The GMSL set costs only 4SGD more! Sure I needed to pay shipping but as a was already making other purchases, shipping wasn't a big deal. Just to share, my shipping costs me only 22SGD. Divide it amongst the many things I bought, GMSL is still of more value than the PLS. 

I love to shop, but I love shopping smart more.

♥ Sheena V


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