Spouse for House: Telling My Parents

I think one of the most interesting stories one can tell, with regards to house buying, is -

"How did you tell your parents?"

Both Q and I had our fair share of discomfort when it came to sharing the news. Let's get real here. Most parents don't even take your relationship with your significant other seriously. At least mine didn't. Can't blame them though, if you know what I mean. Hahahahahaha.

For goodness sake, it was only in recent weeks that my parents stopped referring Q as my "friend". Especially my mum. She would go, "Is your friend coming tonight?" "You go out with who, your friend?" etc even though she knows fully well his name. I found it particularly amusing though. Q, not so much. Haha. To be perfectly honest, I didn't exactly discourage her. I would reply to her queries the same way i.e. "Yah my friend blah3" etc. Heh

Ok, back to the main story. When we registered our interest in applying to HDB in September 2013, there was one slight problem;

I wasn't 21 yet.

This meant that according to the rules stated here, I had to get both my parents to complete the written consent form shown below; 

Click to enlarge

The initial plan was to keep this journey to ourselves, for very least the initial stages. I'm not one to share my decision making matters with my parents. Of course I don't recommend doing that lah, it's always good to let your parents know. Am also well aware how hypocritical that sounds hahahaha. We actually thought we didn't need to. After all, our flat selection date was after my 21st. Unfortunately, a quick check with HDB verified that we indeed still needed the written consent. Meh. 

Q and I hatched a game plan. Back then, it was only November hence we still had ample time to inform my parents. We had family trip to Philippines in December in which Q was invited along to. It's his first trip with my family and he was to use that trip to bond and charm them. Devious, I know.  

The trip came and left. 

Phase 1: Success 

Next, deliver the news. 

We agreed that bringing my parents out for lunch would be the best time to ambush inform them. My family and Q have had meals together before but never just the four of us. Naturally, my mum got suspicious the moment I said we wanted to bring only the two of them out for lunch. She ain't stupid, she knew something was up.

On the day of unveiling, she refused to go out. Exasperated, we chose to get takeaway instead.

Food was bought and placed in the living room but my mum still refused to leave her room.

Only after I went to her and said Q had something to tell her did she leave her cave. Her expression was one that looked like she was prepared to slap me. It was only then that it occurred to me;

Mummy must think that I'm pregnant! 

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry lah mummy, I'm just fat lah.

Q basically just blurted out that we were getting a flat and needed her to sign a form. You should have seen the wave of relief on her face hahahahahahaha. My mum then mumbled something like "okay but I'll have to let her father know first" (My dad hadn't return from work at that time but we knew the real issue would be my mum).

Operation: Success!

So basically that's the gist of my story. Hope it made you laugh!

♥ Sheena V

P.S. Guess what. When we arrived for our flat selection, the counter staff attending to us returned my written consent without a second glance. Why? Because apparently, you only need to be 21 at the point of flat selection. So future home buyers, take note yah.


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