Mix Patterns

Striped V Neck | Cotton On 
Tweed Jacket | New Look
Joni Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Forever 21

I've always found Cotton On to have cheap basics. The quality isn't the greatest, I'm sure everyone knows that. It is on the other hand of acceptable quality for a basic wear. One thing to note that not all stores carry the basic range. Your biggest bet would be to visit the bigger stores like the ones at Parkway Parade or Somerset 313. The one at Vivo City also carries an extensive range as well. A slightly pricier but better quality option would actually be Zara so it depends on which side of the scale is your bank balance at. Hahaha.

The tweed jacket with the faux leather sleeves was something that caught my eyes when it first arrived in stores months back. Didn't get it right then because I couldn't justify spending $90+ on something I couldn't wear often on our sweltering island. However seeing on sale in New Look at half the price coupled with the fact I was heading to Perth during the colder season sold me on it. 

Those jeans are seriously very flattering. It sucks it all in, ALL. The high waistline helps out a lot. I know a lot of people rave about Topshop's Jamie jeans but fact is, I have a cute belly (haha!) and drumsticks for thighs so the Joni really flatters me more. This one was pricey but I was gifted with a voucher hence it didn't break the bank too bad.

I bought these boots last year specifically for my Brisbane trip. Mentel I know but I can't help it. I'm going to a Mat Salleh country afterall hahahahahaha. Forever 21 was coincidentally having 30% sale off boots so SCORE! It's held up pretty well for more than a year so plus points for that!

You can probably tell I'm a bargain hunter because I feel that's what makes shopping more fun. It's like a treasure hunt of sorts. Plus why pay full price when you don't need to right? 

Will share more treasures in time to come! Thanks for reading (:

♥ Sheena V


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